Acto Group connected with Doccle

Acto Group connected with Doccle

In order to be able to offer our customers the leading digital channels in our multichannel solution, Acto Group signs a collaboration agreement with Doccle.

For Acto Group – as a document distribution company - it is important to keep up with the trendsetters in digitalization to allow customers to access these output channels.

Doccle is a central online digital solution that enables end users to connect to their suppliers and receive, sign, pay, and safely archive their documents.

Any small, medium or large company can use Doccle to send invoices and payment statements digitally to customers.

Thanks to the partnership, Acto Group will provide customers with the opportunity to deliver documents on the Doccle platform, performant and with a low-threshold entry.

End users - after activating their Doccle account - get access to documents from numerous service providers with just a simple mouse click.