E-signing - digital signing of documents

E-signing - digital signing of documents

How can we give short shrift to signing paper documents?

Does your organisation have to sign many contracts and documents? Does this require stacks of paper and lots of time?  And do you have to move heaven and earth in order to get everyone’s signature? Then e-signing of the Acto Group is the best solution for you. This is why:

You get a signature or an approval much quicker by choosing the digital process.

Our digital e-signing system rationalises and automates the signing procedure. It is correct and legal. You will feel a wind of change through the procedure of your contract management and management processes.


Thanks to e-signing you take a huge step forward.

You do not want your organisation to bury itself as a slow document machinery.

  • E-signing is a 100% legal and secured online signature solution.
  • Ideal for signing customer- and suppliers contracts and other documentation online, to distribute and to save them.
  • You do not even have to co-ordinate e-signing. The Acto Group will handle that for you.


How do organisations implement the e-signing?

  • The workflows for e-signing are custom-made for your company. The work flow and the process control will remain as they are.
  • You can survey the signing process by means of an online dashboard. We will point out delays, if any, and will automatically send reminders.
  • The online secured access- and authorization rights only have people sign who are entitled to do so.
  • You will definitely gain time between the agreement for a contract and the start of the job.
  • You can always and anywhere look into your electronic documents, process and sign them – on a computer, laptop, tablet and smartphone.
  • Fraud is impossible. The signing process of e-signing is better secured and better to argue than processes linked to printed matter processes.


Why e-signing?

Contract, partner contracts, lease agreements, declaration statements, work order, non-disclosure agreements or service-level agreements? This is all possible using e-signing. With one or more signatures. Home and abroad. Sent through the channels you choose.

And there is more: The whole work flow and all approval steps are transparent and traceable. We implement check points to validate contracts before you send them to the customer. Each document gets a digital signature in order to give it a legal status.


Decide and start

You have to make a decision. Business as usual? (Or do nothing at all.) But this will take you no further. Therefore take action and immediately achieve better results.

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